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Note #121


It is interesting to see how open Android is in comparison to the iPhone. Even if Google doesn't offer something you'll find some app in the Playstore which will do what you want. I just have synchronized my address book via CardDav.

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Jeena Pa,

Matthias Stängel hehe no idea both have their flaws. Mathias Troedson that particular thing was not a great example obviously because I mostly use CardDav because it always worked on the iPhone too. It is more that people can write stuff to extend the OS. And it seems more likely that people do that too. But still both are flawed and I hope for Firefox OS to mature so it is usable during the next 5 years or something.

Matthias Stängel,

Imo: if u want to create your own individual homescreen and stuff, Android is better. iOS is good to go from the beginning and easy to use. iOS Apps seem to be designed with more passion and more details. I'm using Android but changing to iPhone in a few month cause of iMessage (with my girlfriend, she doesn't want to use Whatsapp) and other apps not available for Android.

Simon Scheutz,

I kinda got bored of iOS over the years. The easy way would be to get an iPhoneX in the next couple of years. It's not really changing i any major ways (maybe the new design but it's not like WOOOOW total crazy new shit). I used a Samsung tablet for a short time with Android and i really liked it. Sure I have to learn all the functions but i think it's time i get rid of Apples phone. At least for a while.

Matthias Stängel,

Hm...interesting... Often I saw people changing from Android to iPhone but never the other way around. 😱 Last year I wanted the iPhone 5s but it wasn't released and I bought my HTC one. Since then I never knew if I made the right decision. I like Android cuz of all these apps that make your phone look a bit more individual. But iOS7 is nice too... Question is the same for me like six months ago... Android or iPhone... Since my gf doesn't want to use whatsapp I guess iPhone is the right call for me... But I'm sure I will miss my Android...

Christian Kruse

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