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I installed a PeerTube instance on a NUC at home where I already run Home Assistant. It'll be mostly for my own videos which I want to have public but especially also for family videos which will only be available for people with an account on that instance.

I'm hoping that we can collectively put our home videos on there without needing a 3rd party and I hope to encourage my family to record and share video this way.

My dad bought a camcorder in 1992 and we have many awesome videos from that time and many of the people on those videos are dead already. It's really cool to see how my grandma sounded and moved and laughed and so on which you can't get from a still photo. But after some time everyone got tired of the filming and we stopped.

But now there is a new Generation and it would be cool to have what we have for them in 30 years. Sadly now all videos disaper when we switch phones. I'm hoping I can offer this service to my family without a too high cost by hosting it at home where CPU time and hard drive storage is cheap.

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