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Ok, Joe Rogan is moving his podcast to Spotify exclusively. I'd like to take the opportunity to find interesting political, health, comedy podcasts who self-host, either on peer-tube or their own website. Tips are welcome.

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@Jeena If you are up for history, Mike Duncan’s “Revolutions” podcast is extraordinary. Both “The Ezra Klein Show” and “The Weeds” are excellent political and sometimes social podcasts. “All the President’s Lawyers” is a great explainer of what’s actually going on in the courts (one of the co-hosts is a former federal prosecutor). “Talking Politics” is a British show, so focuses more on Europe, but does cover the US as well. “You’re Wrong About” is a (sometimes morbidly) humorous and insightful look back at what actually happened during the media circuses of the past 40 years (from Tanya Harding, to Ebonics, to the DC Sniper). The last two wonderfully have no ads!

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