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What a weird world I live in. I needed one infra read LED, which costs about 0,22 €. I needed to buy 10 of them on Amazon in Germany https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B00JGFF2SA for 2,22 € because that seemed the cheapest alternative, you can't buy them in Varberg and traveling to Gothenburg to buy them would cost me about 30 € and I couldn't find anyone who would ship them from Sweden either.

Anyway, I got a letter which asks me to pay 0,37 € in import taxes because Amazon send them from China instead of Germany, that's why it took over a month to get here I guess.

But the Swedish PostNord also needs to handle the paying of the tax so they ask me to pay another 6,85 €. In the end I payed 9,44 € which is still only a third of the traveling cost to get it in Gothenburg bit about 43 times the cost of the one LED which I need.

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