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Why does every subscription online cost ~$10/month? It's just too much for most of them, that makes it so that I basically don't use any of those because it's not worth it. If it was $1 I would spend much more on them (combined) but now it's just meh.

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While I agree with you that 10€ per month must be really a life changer to satisfy its cost, I think 1€ is just to little to build a substantial business. I guess development, operating and administration costs will outrun such a small monthly amount. No matter how many subscribers or employees. If I’ll one day finish the stuff I’m working on, I’m planning to charge something between 1 and 5€. In total I hope it will work, but I think I’ll take a huge risk with this small amount. But I still agree with you. As a customer there are very few subscriptions that satisfy more then 5€.


This is the worst. If you want to watch the interesting TV series, you now have to subscribe to at least three streaming services, four if you want to watch For All Mankind. This is worse than before when there were no streaming services at all…

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