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It's interesting how difficult it is to watch late night hosts recorded on their iPhone at home with really shitty audio.

Try to compare Seth Meyers latest video https://youtu.be/sqrhH6xIegw to the latest video of the 14 years old YouTuber Gabriela Bee https://youtu.be/2_8G4ToQARw

Both record it from home but her production value is so much higher it's embarrassing. Starting by the audio quality which is super important, video quality doesn't matter so much, but even her jokes are more funny, can't the writers send in the jokes via email? I don't get it.

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I wish they would take the advice from this guy, I stopped watching them especially because of the insanely bad audio. I understand that it's bad the first or second day, but after that you have a budget for a USB microphone, come on.

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