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Nice, went up at 4 to catch the train but the 2nd got cancled and I need to wait 2,5 hours just 80 from where I started my journey. Now instead of 15 hours itwill take 18 hour or longer to get home.

Good job Deutsche Bahn. After failing me too many times in the past so I couldn't get the last trail home and had to pay more for a taxi than for the train I switched to flying for the last 7 years. Now I wanted to try it again and it went well from Sweden to Germany but now thy fail imediatelly on my way home, unbelievable.

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Neat, the danish train broke down too so we were moved to a different train. This adds at least another hour. We'll see if I'll be able to catch the last train to Varberg. I literarily took the first train at 5am in the morning. According to time plans this could be a 12 hour journey, but in reality we'll see if I can get home today ^^.

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