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After a update suddenly all my passwords which were on my own server (which I run for Firefox sync) seem to have been copied to Mozillas servers for Firefox Lockwise (at least the UI in Firefox suggests that).

I have to admit that this is quite frustrating because if I want to be sure that no 2nd party has my passwords I need to change all of them after I disable Lockwise.

I'm still searching for any documentation about it.

#firefox #lockwise #sync #ownyourpasswords

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Lockwise on desktop Firefox (unlike mobile) doesn't require a Firefox Account or Firefox Sync. Firefox 70 just introduced a new UI on the same login storage/sync back-end and added the Lockwise brand name.


I see, where did you get this information from, do you have any link where this is described somewhere, it would be interesting to read. (jeena.net/notes/1088)


I don't think this is clearly documented anywhere but I am the tech lead for the project. Mozilla wouldn't upload your data without your permission.


I did some testing and pulled the passwords in Android Lockwise and it only had some old passwords from before I started using my own sync server which supports what you're saying. I mostly was surprised by the change of the UI and branding and lack of communication/documentation

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