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In reply to: https://jeena.net/rp-hw-button

My journey of wiring up a hardware button to my Raspberry Pi, so I could build a remote door bell.

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@epirat have you heard of indiewebcamp.com/POSSE yet? The last link is necessary for it to get comments back to my website.


@epirat and I don't only post it to twitter but also on my website and Facebook which both let me express myself in more then 80 chars.


@epirat yeah sorry for that but Twitter only allows 140 characters inclusive all the links which lefts me with 80 chars to write.

Jose Fernandez Alameda,

The event-driven nature of javascript makes the language a perfect candidate for this kind of stuff in my opinion. Well,maybe not if the hardware to control is very complicated and if in case of failure people will be affected.

Jeena Pa,

Yeah I was thinking about C but the only thing that this script has to do is to call another shell program when the button is pressed, so this was the easiest way out, without compiling and installing anything, just working on the bare virtual file system. And running a whole JavaScript virtual machine just to check if the button was pressed is kind of shooting in your own foot ;). I don’t want to waste too much energy because I might run the whole thing of a battery which will be charged with solar power. So the standby energy consumption should be as low as possible. So yeah C perhaps would be the best way to go here.

Götz Bürkle

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