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A phishing email almost got me. I'm waiting for something I ordered on Amazon and I got three emails during the last days from PostNord (the Swedish postal service). I finally looked at the first one and it said that they added a fee of 5 kronas (0.5 EUR) and I need to pay it before I can get my package. The weird thing was that I ordered it from Germany, which means the EU and the extra fees were supposed to be for packages outside of the EU, but PostNord is known for their weirdness. Also 5 kr was a weirdly low amount. In the end I clicked on the link to pay but something went wrong also at their site because I got an error that Linux is not supported.

Only then I realized that it wasn't at all PostNord who send this mail. That was actually the closest I ever got to be tricked by a phishing mail, or you could say I was tricked by this phishing mail because of their good timing when I was waiting for something from Amazon which already was late.

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