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Watching the latest PewDiePie video https://youtu.be/cskmG__kZHQ?t=856 where he talks about someone on Twitch being banned from the website because she apparently said there are only two genders/sexes and this would have been hateful speech and this she insulted the transgender community.

Independent of if that is true or not, I'm really looking forward to how disputes like that will be handled on Mastodon where everyone can just set up their own instance like I do.

Sure, some servers might block you for their own users but it will by far not be all of them.

Once the "moving" functionality is available it will also be fairly easy for those who don't want servers to block anything for them to just move to a different server. This would be a far better solution to the silos we have now.

This way everyone who cares will have the possibility to listen to whomever they want.

I also wonder if that will lead to more filter bubbles where people only preach to the choir.

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