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At the hotel

not California, Vanadis

Posted by Jeena

I'm sitting here at the Vanadis Hotell and find it weird that there are hotel rooms without windows. And I don't mean that they use Linux or OS X on their computers which they have in each room so the hotel guests can surf porn and stuff on them. I mean windows to the outside world, no, stop thinking that, I do not mean the internet! Yo know windows you can open to get fresh air or puke when you're drunk or something.

It's not that I care, I mean, I payed for much worse; last year I payed € 10 to sleep on the roof of a youth hostel next to their boiler and was happy:

On the roof

And it is really near to the office, like a 3 minutes walk or something so I get up 8:30 do the morning wash get some breakfast and off I go to work. It is just so unexpected at a hotel.

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