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Google plus

I'm closing my account

Posted by Jeena

Hm, ok I'm closing my "Google plus" account down like googles chairman suggests because I don't want to use my real name there.

“Regarding people who are concerned about their safety, he said G+ is completely optional. No one is forcing you to use it. It’s obvious for people at risk if they use their real names, they shouldn’t use G+.”

Obviously as a white male I am that privileged, I don't have to worry about my safety, but I'm sympathetic with other groups of people who need that kind of flock protection so they slip sticking out.

I suppose I am one of the slaughter cattle who used the right entrance: Illusion of alternative

I tried diaspora a couple of days ago but it's not a real alternative because nobody seems to use it, and it seems like that for every other "social networking"-alternative. So I will keep using twitter, you can reach me @jeena on Twitter or here in my blog.

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[update (2012-12-01] I just read that you now need a G+ account to be able to comment on the Play store and they are thinking about to do the same with YouTube comments. I guess I will just have to move to Tent, Apple and Vimeo.

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