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GitHub and it's monopoly

on Open Source

Posted by Jeena

I just read that the Apache Software Foundation joins GitHub open source community .

I guess GitHub right now is like Facebook was in 2012, everybody is on it, it's a super vibrant community, it's backed by a huge amount of money, it locks you in (at least with wiki, issues, URLs).

And my second guess is that it will also do what Facebook does, it will get out of control by trying to monetize on its monopoly.

It's just so mega ironic that the whole Open Source movement collectively decided that for a bit of convenience they're more than OK to let Microsoft host their stuff and to sacrifice so much freedom (and especially the URL which do the lock-in to GitHub).

To be perfectly honest, my projects are also (still) hosted on GitHub, and only because it's convenient .I don't really get any considerable amount of contribution to them, I just didn't take the time to install gitea or something similar on my own server, but I should do it soonish.

History is bound to repeat itself, over and over and over again.

update: Here someone wrote it down much more systematic than me: Why not GitHub?

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