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From France to Russia

Brigitte and Gerard want to migrate

Posted by Jeena

What the fuck is wrong with people like Brigitte Bardot and Gerard Depardieu?!

Because two elephants have tuberculosis and their health condition threatens the health of the other elephants, they need to be put out of their misery. Brigitte wants to save them in some way and because her president doesn't answer her letters she wants to move to Russia.

In Russia, where people get thrown in jail because they speak up against a joint venture between the President and the church, in Russia where anti-corruption bloggers get thrown into jail for protesting against how their president rules, in Russia where gay pride parades in the capital are banned for 100 years not that the explicit ban was necessary because they soon are having a "Gay Propaganda" bill which will make protests for gay rights illegal soon anyway.

On the other side, she had trouble with her political views all the time, she doesn't like the gay way of life (even though she seems surrounded by gays all the time), her husband is involved in the main nationalist party in France and she has been convicted several times for "inciting racial hatred". So who knows perhaps everything will be better when suddenly she is the immigrant in russia.

Gerard Depardieu, on the other side is at least straight forward, he doesn't give a fuck about democracy, equality and shit like that, he just doesn't want to pay taxes.

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