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Europe is burning

Riots in many major cities

Posted by Jeena

Europe is burning.

In just one week we saw 4 capital cities burning on the news.

Athens riots
2010-12-15 Athens YouTube

Moskau 2
2010-12-15 Moscow YouTube

Rome riots
2010-12-14 Rome YouTube

2010-12-12 Moscow YouTube

London riots
2010-12-10 London YouTube

If we have a look a little bit further into the past, we find other places like:

Lyon / Paris riots
2010-10-19 Paris / Lyon YouTube

2010-11-07 Gorleben YouTube

2010-10-01 Stuttgart YouTube

2010-09-29 Madrit (video)

But the future must look bright right? No, there are signs of trouble in Spain already.

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