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Drawing contest

with <canvas>

Posted by Jeena

This site uses HTML5, CSS3, Webfonts, CSS-transitions, Ajax ond all the other buzzword-bingo stuff you've heard about on the interwebs. And it uses <canvas>!

And that is great because now I can call out a drawing contest! On the right side of this text there is, depending on your browser window size, a a lot of space. you can draw cool things on it, think of it as a wipeable toilet wall. Everytime you come in it is clear and you can write or draw on it (with the mouse), but when you leave all this things will automaticly be wiped out and nobody sees them. Happy creativity to you!

But sometimes there comes something good of all this toilet wall stuff and you would like to share it with others. Therefore this contest "Posh this site up biatch!". Draw something cool, play with the red dott-stuff, make a screenshot and post a link to it as a comment.

But you need a real browser, it doesn't work with IE yet, hopefully they build in canvas into IE9.

[update] I removed the canvas because not many found the functionality and it slowed down the page.

Have you written a response? Let me know the URL:

There's also indie comments (webmentions) support.