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I'd say it depends who you work with. At our company nobody even mentioned that there was some Apple event.

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Because all your video players have been broken and you where busy to recompile them! But yes, I think it's really only based on the environment you are working in.


I have been on a holiday for a little over two weeks now. In this time I did not check any news, feeds or anything that would be involved in my normal procrastinating workday. It felt great! Today is the first day I‘m back working. With that, all the old daemons are knocking on my door. They want me to read the updates on all social networks, they want me to check all the news feeds. They even want me to start clean. Maybe there is a new todo application that will make things better! Maybe the long lasting dream for an perfect editor can finally be fulfilled. Shut up. I‘ll try to resist this demands for as long as I can. I‘m not saying that I can, but I can try. Try to reduce the noise, try to reduce the distractions, reduce the productivity tips from everyone else, just focus on what’s important for the current task. With that, maybe one day my work routine will change for the better. Today it seems to work. For now.

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