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In reply to: http://www.savethis.space/2018/fractured-part-3-just-me

Let me first say:

> I am cluttering your social feed, mind, and eyes with serious talk instead of cat memes.

If I don't want to have this in my feed reader, then I will just unsubscribe. I know where to get cat memes instead, I decide what I read or not, so no worries.

Why I don't unsubscribe is that it's interesting reading, I may myself not understand the reasoning behind all this, and it seems you don't either, that's why you're in therapy. And I myself don't seem to have problems like those you describe, but I have friends who have symptomps like you describe who I like and whom I'd like to understand better.

But for various reasons we don't talk about this topic so that I can't get explanations like that from them, so reading your texts helps me to at least understand what they're feeling. I might not be able to help, but with some understanding it might help at least not stepping on their toes and be mindfull about how I approach them.

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