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In reply to: https://tobiastom.name/notes/5fbd6b8c

I don't think it will help to see who said what because it also feels that 50% of the words are wrong so that you can't even get the gist of what really was said. Here an example from the top of the file:

Karolina: "I have mad 20-year 28 years old but that's when the 20 years old a happy person living in hitting an island with my brother and my two bunnies."

Which should have actually been: "I am 20 yea... 28 years old, but not 20 (haha), 28 years old happy person living in Hissingen island with my brother and my two bunnies."

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Hm. Ok. That's indeed pretty bad. Maybe I was wrong and technology needs some more time. So, still no podcasts for me. 😟


I just found Make Podcasts Searchable and I wasn't sure if we talk about this one before. The transcript looks pretty impressive.

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