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In the beginning I was posting to facebook myself, but since they change their API every couple of months I couldn't keep up and rely now an Bridgy. And I only POSSE to Facebook and Twitter (to Twitter I still POSSE myself). Getting the comments is much more difficult, for that I always relied on Bridgy.

Reading the post you link to, I'm somewheri in the middle, I understand their corcernes, at the same time without POSSE, most of the people who read my stuff now wouldn't. And looking at it from the third side, keeping POSSEing seems not to make more people reading it directly from my site, so nothing changes for the better, it's just as if my site didn't exist and I'd use just Facebook and Twitter.

I guess normal POSSEing will still be possible for a long time with Known, but getting back all comments, etc. might get complicated in the long run when Bridgy can't keep up with all the changes for example Facebook does.

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