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Reading A List Apart's #yesallwomen article made me think about the #indieweb I know we have some active women with us which is great. But checking the blogs of at least the active members I found, where you often can see a avatar, I haven't seen a single non-white person, which is really sad. I understand that I am a privileged white male to be able to tackle the problems we work on within the IndieWeb but I just hoped that this privilege would have been distributed more evenly.

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Yes! I’m glad you wrote this, Jeena. It’s been on my mind a lot lately, but I haven’t had the courage to bring it up. Half of the founders and several of the most prominent and outspoken indiewebbers are women, and lots have come to homebrew website club (even in dudebro central San Francisco!). The community is super friendly and welcoming and collaborative, has an excellent code of conduct, and a core principles of plurality, but I look down the list of people in IRC day-to-day and (of those I know) it’s usually nearly all men. And scanning the group photos of past camps, it is a little surprising how few non-white people there are. I hesitate to speculate very much on what the problem(s) might be. Being square in the middle of the 30ish white male contingent, I’m not sure my guesses would be very valuable. But I would be very interested to hear what others’ experiences are on IRC/at meetings, and if there are ways we could improve.


Really important, and I agree completely. Like Kyle, I'm aware of my white male demographic, but I strongly want to help build a diverse community. I think an open conversation about this, perhaps at Indie Web Camp, would be a really good idea.

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