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> The road to total tech-surveillance is paved with convenience

This is sadly very true. Just yesterday I had the Google Home app open and it suggested me to switch on to show pictures of specific people which are on my phone also on the TV via the Chromecast. I clicked one button and we had a nice evening watching a slideshow and talking about those pictures.

Theoretically I would be able to do that on my own devices too. I have all my pictures backed up with Synology and it categorized them and found the people in the pictures etc. But to get it on the Chromecast I'd need some script which chooses random pictures and then moves them into a directory in Google Photos where they can be then chosen to be shown on the Chromecast. I'm sure I can program this, but it will take a while before it's ready. And until then this feature will not be new and exciting for us anymore.

In the end this is what Richard Stall man was also always talking about, trading freedom for convenience.

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