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I understand and respect the not posting other people, etc. but by leaving humans out of the picture it doesn't capture the moment as it is. Quite the contrary, it distorts the reality to a degree where it's unrecognizable.

It's really interesting because looking at your pictures I imagine that you either went up super early or you shot really late when people weren't there anymore. Because you don't only not post faces but neither do you post shadows, silhouettes, groups of people, far away or from behind.

Not trying to say it's wrong, it's absolutely your style, I can almost tell that it's one of your pictures without looking at the author line in my feed reader which is cool :)

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Yeah, it’s always an issue to try to solve to problems. No people vs. the real moment. With some photos I did actually include crowds of people, but it was more for the anonymity of the moment. For example with this picture I actually struggle a long time if I want to publish it, even if the woman is not recognizable. In terms of shadows and so on, that’s actually a nice idea. I’ll try to think about that next time when such a opportunity arrives. For that last paragraph: thank you. I really appreciate that!

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