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Chinese Breakfast

Doughy and savoury

Posted by Jeena

We live in Pangyo in South Korea, and not far from us, about a 10-minute drive, there is an old part of the town Moran where it's practically a little Chinatown, even though nobody calls it that.

China Town in Moran

But there are many Chinese shops, Chinese services like the ones which help you get your money out of China, and most of all, Chinese restaurants.

There are already many Chinese restaurants in Korea, because it's so close to China, but sadly most of the ones outside of Chinatowns like this have only the same couple of dishes which all are changed significantly to cater to the Korean population. And I, for one, really dislike what they did to those Chinese dishes and practically never go to those restaurants.

Anyway, this morning my partner suggested that we go to Moran to get some Chinese breakfast, and so we went.

Men in a Chinese restaurant eating breakfast

The Koreans don't really have any special breakfast dishes like we have in Europe, they just eat normally like for lunch or dinner, so it's kind of boring.

Dough filled with meat

But at this restaurant, they serve specifically breakfast. You can see in the pictures it's mostly some dough which is often fried in oil and has some fillings inside.

Chinese dough buffet

The filling is often some kind of meat, but sometimes it's egg with some greens, like in this lengthy fried thing.

Woman taking one piece of food and putting it on her plate

It's like doughnuts but not with a sweet filling; instead, it is savory. But they also have some which don't have anything inside. Those you can dunk into soymilk mixed with sugar, and then it's like a dessert.

Baker preparing dough

I didn't get everything in pictures; they also serve tofu soup, dumplings, and other dough things.

It's very cool to be able to experience other cultures. If you have a Chinatown close by, try to find a restaurant that serves Chinese breakfast, you might get surprised at how cool it is.


Daughter's perspective

We asked oud 9 years old daughter to write a blog post from her perspective, suprisingly she had a very different experience than me, here is a copy of her's:

Today we went to Moran to eat breakfast. So while we were going, it was a disaster my brother was crying, I was whining, there was a traffic jam, and most of all, it was hot 🥵.

When we finally reached our destination, it was going better. But a problem was we did not know where to go.

As you know me and Jeena didn’t know Chinese and every sign was Chinese. And the only person who knows Chinese was is my mom.

My mom was talking on the phone and she looked like she thinks we know where to go. But luckily she knows where to go. The restaurant looked like A abandoned restaurant.

But to be honest, the food was good it’s just that it’s unhealthy basically it was just dough, filings and carbs. And the interior was ho-ri-bru. The table was sticky, the chopsticks were smelly. Most of all, all the people were gloomy. The waiter was soooo loud and the costumers were staring at me. When I was going to get some water, everyone stared at me as if I did something wrong 😑.

When we finally got out we went to a Chinese small market. We went to get some garlic and my mom bought some dumplings and some cookies because I whined about it. And I was carrying the groceries and those garlic and the dumplings were heavy. My brother was trying to get on some random stranger’s bike. The way back was pretty peaceful.

Now I am in my flat and I am mentioning to never go to Chinese restaurants. But if you want the food just try to find one which is good interior and healthy fresh food.

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