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Helene Bergman on Assange

She is a swedish feminist

Posted by Jeena

The WikiLeaks Twitter account just tweetet:

Video: Swedish feminist Helene Bergman on Assange kileaksaustraliancitizensalliance.net/2012/07/30/exc…http://justice4assange.com

Here is the video I will be talking about:

I posted the same questions as a blog comment on their website, but it is still in the moderation queue, since 7 hours, so therefore I am posting it here too.

I find it interesting that they are talking about that Sweden has a agreement with the USA where Assange could be extradited to the USA and that Sweden has a fairly consistent track record of extraditing to the USA. That all is true. I am just wondering that they never mention that Great Brittain also has such an Extradition Act (since 2003), and that the UK extradited 63 people to the USA but Sweden only 5.

Helene says that Sweden refuses to guarantee that they will not extradite Julian to the US, but so das the UK.

So according to the numbers Julian would have a better chance to not be extradited to the US if he would have been in Sweden and I can not understand why Helene would not talk about that. There are no numbers at all in the interview and they only talk about Swedens “consistent track record of extradition” but hold back the information of UK’s much bigger “consistent track record of extradition”, why?

Then they talk about that in Sweden he could be secretly taken to the US but do not mention it that if this would have been the plan then the US would already have done that in the UK. Honestly, if you hear the word "USA:s pupet administration", who do you think of? The first thing which pops into my mind is the UK, the second is Poland.

Next thing they talk about is that in Equador you could hire an assassin to kill him because there are many poor people there. Why would that not be possible in the UK or Sweden, are there no poor people in the UK or Sweden and are only poor people ready to kill for money? I think quite the contrary is the case, don't you?

I don’t know, the whole interview seems really biased.

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