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The baby stack at 3 months

What software and hardware do we use?

Posted by Jeena

Following Ben Werdmuller I'm also trying to post what we use for our 3 months old baby boy. I will copy his structure and fill in what we use instead.

As you'll see most of the big things we got used from his moms work colleagues or he got as a present from his aunts.


Stroller: FastAction™ Fold Sport Click Connect™ Travel System, we got it from his sisters schoolfriends mom, they bought it in the US around 10 years ago. We had to clean it but it's very convinient because you can put him into the seat at home and just bring either to the stroller or to the car.

Car seat: Graco, came with the stroller. Very convenient because you can take the whole thing with you and carry him around or put him into the stroller without much hassle.

Bed: Got it used from his moms work colleague. Just super regular without any Bell or whistles.

White noise: I do shhh, shhh with my mouth. Or I do chick, chick, chick with my mouth.

Baby monitor: N/A

Changing mat: Super cheap Diaper Changing Table completely plastic and fabric, but it's quite sturdy, it was a good buy.

High chair: N/A

Toys and Play: He got some plastic toys from his aunts, a used mobile from his moms coworker and a very colorful plastic table from other coworkers, with a lot of thinks to press on which he just now started exploring a bit.

Food: Aptamil Pro Futura, but my Sister send us some Holle Bio from Switzerland and Hipp from Germany.


Tracking: His mom has some Korean baby app, but the only thing we're tracking with it is his weight. When I started staying at home I used a paper notebook to write down all events during the day so I could explain how much and when he ate/pooped/slept, etc. But Somehow it was too much hassle and now I only roughly explain what happened during the day.

Food: N/A

Shopping: Mostly Coupang which is the Korean version of Amazon.

Babycare: The first 2.5 months his mom stayed at home, now that she's back at work, I'm a stay at home dad for the next year. The in-laws were here two times and stayed over night, so we used those opportunities to go out for (non alcoholic) drinks.

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