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Arguments and gay mariage

finding flaws

Posted by Jeena

I was just googeling for arguments against gay marriage and found one which was kind of strange:

Argument #4: That same-sex marriage would require schools to teach tolerance.

You'd think that this would be a argument for and not against same-sex marriage because obviously we all want our children to grow up to be more tolerant so they would hate each other less then we or our parents do.

The thing is, I found this argument on a website which was trying to debunk arguments against gay merriage 10 Really Bad Arguments Against Same-Sex Marriage and the article had the subtitle "Debunking the American Family Association's NoGayMarriage.com Platform".

I wanted to check the facts and had a look at NoGayMarriage.com but sadly this website wasn't online anymore. I googled for that phrase, because if it is one of the arguments it should be on more pages then just NoGayMarriage.com but I didn't have any luck to find it elsewhere either. The only page google finds with this argument is the About.com article which tries to debunk it.

So is it just a straw man or am I just not able to find supporters of this argument on the internet?

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for gay marriage, everything what brings more love into peoples lives is worth of supporting, but inventing arguments just so one can debunk them and make the opponent look stupid? I don't like the idea.

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