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Alma Observatory

World's most powerful radio telescope

Posted by Jeena

Isn't it amazing what mankind is capable of? Yeah sure, there is the one side where we have the power to bomb and destroy our only earth multiple times, but on the other hand are able to look into the past!

And no, no time traveling and stuff, instead the Alma telescope begins study of cosmic dawn:

Alma Observatory at high altitude in Atacama desert

Alma's purpose is to study processes occurring a few hundred million years after the formation of the Universe when the first stars began to shine.

Take a look at the video in this article too, they have 20 really really big antennas which they can move to change the focus and they want to add 26 more to get a more detailed view of the sky.

They sure will get many amazing pictures from the time when our universe was just an infant with this remarkable science.

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