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Jamie's 30-minute meals

cooking with help of a book

Posted by Jeena

I just prepared the first meal from Jamie's 30-minute meals:

Ok it took a bit more then just 30 minutes, but not much longer, perhaps 45 minutes or something, and actually he states at the beginning of the book that you will not be able to do it right from the start in 30 minutes but when you get used to the style after a couple of times you'll get there.

The taste was quite different of the one I am getting when I cook for myself without a cooking book (which I always have done until now). I think mostly all the herbs did the trick and the vinegar in the beans, I never hat vinegar on beans.

Because it is difficult to show you the taste via the browser, the only thing I can show you is a picture of the meal I cooked.

My meal

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