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Virtual Homebrew Website Club

Create or update your personal web site!

Join a community with like-minded interests. Bring friends that want a personal site!

Any questions? Ask in chat: https://indieweb.org/irc/today#bottom

Optional quiet writing hour starts at 5:30.

More information: https://indieweb.org/events/2017-05-31-homebrew-website-club


Online at: https://talky.io/hwc

4 Attendees

, (yes)

If I’ve Time Zoned right, I should be there 😄 RSVPs yes to Event: Virtual Homebrew Website Club – jeena.net

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Preparing for the first virtual Homebrew Website Club https://jeena.net/events/25 I missed that it was today so I'm joining from the...

Mikael Söderberg Jay Robinson Johan Thelin Douglas Beal

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